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As a Grant Cardone Certified 10x Licensee, I am honored to be able to offer my clients world renowned training using Grant’s core curriculum & my own personal experiences. 





As the youngest Certified Grant Cardone Licensee, Gino is relentless when it comes to helping others succeed. His true passion in life comes when he is coaching, mentoring, and motivational speaking. There's nothing he loves more than helping others win and seeing them achieve their goals.  


Orellana, 27, believes that everyone is born with a God-given dream in their heart, but most settle for job security and "a comfortable life." Gino wishes everyone would chase after that dream tenaciously. He believes that serving and helping others through your unique calling and having financial and time freedom is the pathway to true fulfillment. Gino believes with the right mentor and hard work, any dream is attainable. His mission is to provide his generation with the right tools and mindset for success. 


In addition to becoming a 10X Certified Coach and training over 150 hours with one of the world's top sales trainers, Grant Cardone, Gino Orellana has spent the last 8 years of his life being an entrepreneur and  being mentored by successful individuals.  As a result, he has a wealth of knowledge and experiences that he now uses to help aspiring entrepreneurs and established entrepreneurs alike to grow in their endeavors. His teaching on business growth, personal development, real estate, sales, motivation, sales and negotiations, and personal finances will change and accelerate your life. It's true-- Gino's fire is contageous. Be ready to catch his flame!


If you're struggling with your business or need guidance with your next move, it's important to seek help from a professional consultant. Hiring a professional can help you accelerate to the next level in your life by saving you time and mistakes, find solutions to your problems, break you out of old mindsets or habits, and hold you accountable to make sure you achieve your goals.

Motivational speaker & Educator

Gino's true passion is motivational speaking and teaching others. These are things that come most naturally to him. Gino's teaching style is upbeat and engaging as he has a unique ability to make things simple and easy for everyone to understand. Whether on a zoom call with five people, or on a stage in front of thousands, feeling Gino's passion and flame is something that is undeniable. 

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"I remember when my fitness brand was just an idea and a bunch of plans and you shared your knowledge and experience with me and the rest is history. Now onto location 2 (solo, not partnered) and building in a new area and helping people on the daily. Anyone looking for REAL information tap in with Ginoversity." -AARON B

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